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House where Florence grew up

The house Florence grew up in, on 7 Spruce Street, Augusta Maine

Robert Treat Whtehouse

Florence married Robert Treat Whitehouse in 1894.

Her first novel, The God of Things

Publicity material created for Florence's first book, The God of Things

Florence Brooks Whiteho

Press photo for Florence as chairman of the Maine branch of the National Woman's Party

Florence Brooks Whitehouse

Florence, c. 1912

NWP pickets, Chicago 1916

Florence participated in this picket line in Chicago, 1916, where President Wilson was delivering a speech. Her conservative suffrage colleagues were aghast at her unladylike behavior.

Florence Brooks Whitehouse

Florence in her Red Cross uniform. From 1917 to 1919 she volunteered with the Red Cross, serving as publicity coordinator and then Chair of the Information Bureau

FBW Telegram to Alice Paul

Florence sent this telegram to Alice Paul when Congress finally passed the Federal Amendment in 1919

Florence & Robert Treat Whitehouse

Florence and Robert, dressed for an evening out

Florence & son Bobbo

Florence and her middle son Bob, c. 1940

Painting by FBW

One of Florence's paintings

Painting by FBW

A seascape, one of her favorite subjects

Florence Brooks Whitehouse

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