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The God of Things: A Novel of Modern Egypt

1902,  Boston

Little, Brown and Company

Illustrated by the Author


"A charming modern society novel with an Egyptian background. The heroine, Dorothy, is opposed to divorce. At Cairo she meets and learns to love a man whose wife has deserted him. The deserting wife appears on the scene later as a German baroness, and the events that follow are depicted with skill and grace. The descriptions of Egyptian scenery are a feature of this fascinating story..."  [from Little, Brown & Company]

The Effendi: A Romance of the Soudan

1904 , Boston

Little, Brown and Company

Illustrated by I. H. Caliga


The Effendi opens with the fall of Khartoum in 1885,and the massacre of the British General Gordon and his men. It features a bright and lively young Maine woman (Eleanor), her romance with a British Army officer (Randolph), and her relationship with the mysterious "Effendi", Hassen el Rahoud. 


Florence researched this novel during an extensive wold tour she undertook in 1892-93, which included Egypt. She first made it into a play, and then converted it into a novel. 



Florence was a prolific author and creative writer. Below are two of her published novels, both based on her travels throughout the Middle East. Some copies may be found on Amazon and other online outlets.

Florence Brooks Whitehouse

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